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Flooring Fort Worth - Hardwoods Floors - Ceramic Tile and Laminate Flooring Dallas - Hurst, Southlake, Flower Mound, Grapevine and Keller

It’s your home, your rental property, your business. New flooring represents a substantial investment in it.

Our flooring specialists work with you to create the right floor for your space and taste. They make sure it’s installed properly, according all building codes and regulations, so your investment remains a source of pride and equity for years to come.

Whatever you see in your mind, we can make it happen. Hardwoods, laminates, tile, carpets - only the best crafted products from the best names in the business.

In every color, pattern, and finish you can imagine.

Your flooring Dallas or flooring Fort Worth specialist brings hundreds of flooring samples and decorating ideas right to your door. No hassle. No guesswork.

Whether it is Hardwood Flooring, Laminate flooring, Tile or Carpet that you need, we'll have it right in your home.

All during your FREE In-Home Flooring Estimate! Peace of mind: Our flooring crew in Dallas and Fort Worth will complete their work with professionalism and attention to detail. Guaranteed!




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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring is an Investment You Can Trust.

A quality hardwood floor isn't just an aesthetic investment; it also helps boost a home's selling price.

Hardwood flooring comes in two varieties: engineered and solid. Solid is the most common choice and best suited for higher-grade installations. It consists of one-piece boards that are generally nailed to a sub-floor. Most are unfinished, thereby allowing customers, the hardwood flooring supplier or distributor to apply a variety of colors and finishes.

Engineered hardwood is comprised of two or more layers of wood that have been laminated together, the top being a veneer and the bottom a softer wood backing. The top wood veneer comes pre-finished and the overall system gets glued to the subfloor or even concrete, making it better-suited for below-grade and basement installations.

No other flooring type becomes ingrained in your daily lives quite like hardwood floors. Its aesthetic qualities are clear; consider the variety of styles available, the organic way hardwood flooring reacts and adapts to its environment, and its ability to be reborn with occasional sanding or refinishing. And with an average lifespan exceeding 100 years and great insulation qualities, hardwood flooring makes a great functional choice as well.

Ceramic Tile

With an extensive palette of sizes and finishes, ceramic flooring offers a plethora of unique looks to suit any customer's desires.

And because ceramic flooring provides the ultimate in stain resistance, you know you're getting the performance you need. Ceramic tile gives the appearance of stone flooring like travertine, slates and tumbled stone, without the maintenance hassles and expense. Step into a ProSource Showroom and onto the incredible beauty and durability of ceramic tile floors.

Miland offers a tremendous selection of wholesale ceramic tile flooring, all at highly competitive prices. Become a ProSource flooring member today and enjoy the selection and savings now of ceramic, stone and glass tiles at wholesale prices!

Natural Stone

Natural stone is without question, one of the most beautiful flooring materials. One thing that makes natural stone floors so beautiful is the fact that no two pieces are identical. When stone is harvested from the quarry, large sections are removed and sliced into slabs typically used for counter tops. The smaller sections are cut into flooring tiles or squares of varying size and thickness. At that point, the stone tiles can be polished for a shiny finish or left unpolished for a more natural look. There's even a finishing process called "flamed" also known as rough surface, ideal for slippery areas or exterior use when considering stone flooring.

ProSource has a huge selection of wholesale stone flooring products ranging from the typical marbles and granite flooring squares to the exotic imported onyx and travertine. Only natural stone flooring wholesalers like ProSource can deliver the best in selection and discounts.


Understanding fiber is key to understanding carpet. It breaks down easily into two major categories, synthetic carpet fibers and natural. Natural carpet fibers are derived from animal or vegetable sources that are processed further to make yarn.

Cotton and jute are the primary vegetable-based fibers while wool is the most popular of the animal-based variety. Wool carpet fiber is expensive due to high demand and somewhat limited supply and is used mostly for rugs and higher-end carpets.

Synthetic fibers are produced chemically via petroleum products and include:
Nylon carpet-the work horse of carpet, comprises 75% of the industry, is resilient, cleanable and easiest to dye and style.

Polyester carpet-softer and more accepting of brighter dyes, it's used only residentially due to susceptibility to matting and crushing.

Polypropolene carpet fibers-extremely durable and unable to absorb moisture, it's inexpensive and used primarily for commercial installations inside and out.  From traditional and simplistic designs to the most elegant and luxurious offerings available, select the carpet flooring that best suits your needs - all at reasonable wholesale prices.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring offers variety that makes it tough to resist. With authentic looks, designs, finishes and brands, laminate squares cover a wide range of tastes and traffic areas.

And more than other types of flooring, laminate floors resist stains, fading and dents, and are far more scratch and water resistant.

Most laminate squares install with a glueless locking system for a quick, quality installation. Ongoing technological and styling advances continue to expand laminate flooring choices in terms of aesthetics and application systems.

Laminate flooring can be made to look exactly like more costly materials, like hardwood and natural stone. Recent technological advances have even made it possible to give laminate floors the texture of hardwood, making a well installed laminate floor virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Natural materials, however, can cost two to three times the amount that laminate flooring does.

Laminate flooring is also incredibly durable, and can stand up to most children, pets and cousins. The melamine finish on top of the pattern layer protects it from being scratched, stained, gouged, faded or warped by liquids.

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