A room addition is always a great investment option for your home. Besides adding storage and more living space, they also add value in square footage. Before starting your addition project make sure to consult with an experienced contractor. Building codes and local zoning ordinances should be checked, plus plans and blueprints need to be sent to the county assessor.

Read through each type of room addition below, to see which is the right fit for your home.

room addition dormer


This type of room addition involves a structure that comes through the roof to create a higher ceiling and more interior space. Usually this means removing an area of the old roof and building a new structure. Dormers can help expand attic or second story space. They also add natural light and curb appeal as they make your home look larger.


This type of addition is normally built onto the entryway of a house, to give a space dedicated to storing shoes, jackets, and backpacks or strollers. Mudrooms usually involve built in storage such as cubbies and cabinets, plus areas to hang up outerwear.

room addition mudroom
room addition garage conversion

Garage Conversion

This type of room addition is slightly less complicated since the space is technically already there! Garage conversions are a great way to add extra square footage onto your home without taking on a major build. This space is great for an office, personal gym, studio, or guest bedroom.

Porch or Patio Conversion

When looking to add space onto your home, enclosing the front or back patio is always a creative option. This type of room addition makes a perfect sunroom or family space. Patio and porch conversions almost always require roof work and need to be connected to the HVAC unit.

room addition patio conversion

Start Your Room Addition Project with Miland Home Construction

Use a builder you can trust. Miland Home Construction will take you step by step through the room addition process and create a design that compliments your existing home structure. Get more space and function with more square footage. Start your home addition project today!