A kitchen remodel can do so much more than just open up an outdated floor plan. A recent report by Houzz.com shows that homeowners with newly renovated kitchens often have healthier lifestyles. Kitchen remodels can actually help people eat more home cooked meals than homeowners with older or less functional kitchens. 41% of people who took the survey said they cooked more at home, while 34% reported eating less takeout, and 26% even said they ate more vegetables!

But besides just enjoying cooking at home, here are a few more reasons for doing a kitchen remodel:


Out With the Old, in With the New!


The kitchen is a hub of activity for any family and updating the space can make day to day life run much more smoothly. Whether you are craving a more open layout, increased storage, or just wanting a new look, sometimes you need a kitchen remodel just to bring things up to date.


More Time With Family


Did you know that 49% of homeowners underwent a kitchen remodel to encourage more family time? A fresh space to cook, eat, and bond can help bring your family together. Especially with modern touches like a large kitchen island, breakfast bar, or new lighting.


Cooking at Home


New appliances, more countertop space, and a better-looking kitchen can make anyone want to stay home and cook. 76% of people surveyed said they cooked at home five or more nights a week after their kitchen remodel. And it’s no secret that homemade meals can be much healthier than restaurant options!


Entertaining Guests


A kitchen remodel can help every host create a beautiful space for the center of the party! Having a new kitchen for entertaining can be so rewarding. 40% of homeowners surveyed said that they wanted to renovate their kitchen to have a great space for guests to hang out.


Thinking About a Kitchen Remodel?


There is nothing more rewarding than enjoying your home at the end of a long day. Miland Home Construction has been helping people navigate through the kitchen renovation process for over 20 years! Contact us today to get the kitchen you deserve. Our professional staff and kitchen design team stay up with the latest in new kitchen concepts while staying in your budget. Check out our kitchen gallery!