Master bedroom design is important in a home. Your bedroom should be a relaxing & comfortable space, but sometimes it takes a remodel to get to tranquility. Check out these beautiful master bedroom design ideas below:

master bedroom design headboard

Choose a Headboard with Style

The headboard is an easy way to bring character into a room without taking up too much space. Choosing a more natural material like wood can bring in warm tones and texture. Or an upholstered headboard can tie a room together with pattern and color.

Include a Place to Relax

Stylish seating can really help a master bedroom design feel comfortable. Whether it’s an eclectic upholstered armchair or a tranquil reading nook, it makes the space feel more personal. These extra touches can also help add intrigue to the design with fabric options and throw pillows.

Master bedroom design sitting area
master bedroom design anchor item

Pick an Anchor Item

Most master bedroom designs involve a large bed centered on one wall of the room. This leaves lots of space above the headboard to showcase artwork and create an anchor point in the room. This point will draw the eye and define the style of the room. Not a fan of large-scale art display? This space is also perfect for a gallery wall or small collection of art & photography. Another option is to forgo the artwork altogether and add a footboard to bed, making the bed frame design the focal point of the room.

Give the Walls Some Character

While whitewashed bedrooms are beautiful and trendy, some people prefer a master bedroom design with a little more fun. Accent walls are a great way to add depth to a room, as well as introduce a color scheme that can be carried throughout the room with small accents. Whether you choose a bold paint choice, something more tranquil, or even opt for a patterned wallpaper. Just remember to choose an understated wallpaper pattern to avoid overwhelming the rest of the design.

Master bedroom design accent wall

Looking to create the master bedroom design of your dreams?

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