Bathroom design trends are always changing, whether it’s from new technology and fixtures, or keeping up with modern design. Here is what to look for in 2020:

bathroom design lighting

Minimalist Lighting

Light is very important in a bathroom. Not just for looks but also because its practical, you need great lighting. Bathroom design in 2020 is heading towards minimalist and linear lighting, letting other elements shine instead. You don’t need a large fixture to get the best light.

Tubs That Shine

Standalone tubs can be a gorgeous bathroom centerpiece. The design trends for bathroom tubs have been leaning in a more artisanal direction, with the focus on fresh shapes and materials. They can also look great in a wide variety of spaces.

bathroom design tub
bathroom design green wall

Biophilic Bathroom Design

The biophilic bathroom design trend is definitely for nature lovers! This style integrates plants into the design of the bathroom, introducing pops of fresh green texture. If you don’t have space for a green wall, consider adding plants to the décor.

Open Shower

There are many different types of showers out there, but the open-concept Italian shower is definitely on the rise in 2020. Some open shower areas even include a tub! The new trend is to have a shower and tub space separated by a glass or stone wall.

bathroom design shower
bathroom design tile

Detailed Tile

In 2020 extravagant looking tiles are out, and more neutral sober styles are in. The neutral color palette is key, with a focus on grey and matte black tones. Even better is a more dynamic textured tile. The subtle details can make a tile wall look luxurious.

Clean Lines and Fittings

With open showers on the rise, there has been a fittings trend to match. So much glass means new unique and interesting minimalist fittings that look best on display.

Bathroom design fittings

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